03rd Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Happy New Year One and All from 10 Yetis - THE Affordable PR, Marketing and Design People

Hello pop pickers and a happy new year.

I hope all regular (and new) blog readers had a great new year and festive period. It has certainly been action packed here at Yeti Towers, with the most notable thing being our new offices which we are now hastily trying to get furnished in our own unique Yeti style.

As soon it is all up and running we will get some pics on the blog.

On the busines front 2007 has started at a frenetic pace with soooo much going on it is good fun trying to keep up. December 06 saw us get a record number of enquiries in one month from around the globe as word is starting to really spread about our unique and successful approach to marketing, design and public relations.

We have set ourselves a goal of going for more awards and alike this year, especially as in 2006 we spent so much time getting our lovely clients awards and shamelessly didn't set enough time aside for ourselves. This is crazy, especially when you think our design work is now crossing over from just being used for commercial reasons given that in 2006 some of our work was selected to be shown as art in its own right... once again, hats off to Jilly for that.

I had a quick gander at some of the public relations successes from last year and saw that not only did we repeatedly get our clients in every main stream paper, we actually acheived coverage in 32 seperate countries... all from a small but perfectly formed company who is proud to be based in the South West.

The global coverage is just one of the reasons we are increasingly becomming a serious competitor to the larger london agencies as companies realise that there is life outside of the South East... yokel's and proud :-)

When we sat back and added up all the people who had seen 10 Yetis PR work, if you look at circulation alone (based on audited figures), we had a readership of over 100m worldwide in 2007.

2006 saw us do alot more social face to face networking and we hope to be stepping this up in 2007 as well, especially in our local South West community, as well as the South East.

Most important of all is the fact that 2007 will see us enter our 3rd year of trading! Eek! We are firmly committed to remaining strong in our core business areas and having fun along the way.

We will keep going with the Newsletters which have proved to be a huge success thanks largely to the fact they remain free of sales propaganda and are genuinely aimed at helping other businesses with free hints and tips about marketing, design and Public Relations.

So, a quick ramble from me and I hope that 2007 brings you the fame and fortune you all so rightly deserve.

Don't forget, we are here to help so don't be afraid of getting in touch with Jilly or I.


Andy 'n Jilly

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