09th Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

Hip Hop and Away - www.10Yetis.co.uk Viral Work in Brighton

Hi there Blog Readers... another week, another load of fun.

Yesterday (Saturday) saw the Yetis on Tour as we hit Brighton... "why" you ask?

Well, now you have asked, Jill's skills with the crayons got our graffitti-marketing work spotted and we were asked to exhibit at a prestigious gallery in Brighton.... nice! - remember, I mentioned it a few weeks ago on this very blog.

Look out for another post later about some even bigger news on the design front.

Here are some of the pics from the art exhibition :::

Jill discussing the relative merits of the 2HB pencil with gallery curator Catherine Luck-Taylor.

Art gallery curator Catherine Luck-Taylor (right) with Jill

Jill taking a stroll around the gallery to see other people's work.

it is an arty angle, the user was not drunk!

Here is a massive piece done by another exhibitor.

All done with Airfix paint! Took 32 years to finish

The main attraction - Jill's work!

www.10yetis.co.uk viral marketing work is used across the UK and globe

After all that fun, a strategy meeting was needed!

Yes, and by Year three we shall have offices in Oz

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