29th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

Hostage Situation in Iran - Should the UK Armed Forces Freeze Its Recruitment Campaigns?

I am not really into political blogging so this should not be read as such, however with the situation that is ongoing in Iran with a number of Royal Navy personnel being held hostage I find it odd that the Ministry of Defence has not pulled its adverts.

I know the media buying will have been planned months in advance and the armed forces would stand to lose a fair wedge of cash in doing so but I cannot think of any reason why anyone who saw the ads at the present time would want to join and in reality some of them could be considered to be in poor taste.

Royal Marines Advert
I aint eating no worms you damn fool

Personally, if we were the public relations agency for the MOD or armed forces we would have recommended they pull them straight away.

I have not seen a Royal Navy advert recently but there are print, television and radio adverts going on this week for the Air Force (including the Air Force clothing range PR campaign that launched this week) and I would image the Army and Royal Marines will continue to advertise in the weekly mag’s like Zoo and Nuts etc?

RAF Bikini
New RAF clothing range launched this week!

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