30th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

How to Carry Out a Press Conference - By Steve McClaren

Not getting into my thoughts on England football performance but Steve McClaren did not help his cause by stropping out of the press conference after the game against Andorra.

You could tell it was not planned and that even the FA's public relation person who was sat next to him was shocked when McClaren upped sticks and walked out as he gave a bewildered look to the photographers and journo's sat in front of him.

Dodgy Barnet McClaren
Steve McClaren in his haircut prime

Steve needs to get on his knees and get Max Clifford back on his side to get some positive media coverage as his image is in tatters right now.

The morning papers (Friday) are now saying McClaren has one match left and that senior FA figures are already losing faith.

On a lighter note, most of the media ran with the story that whilst sat on the team bus Steve McClaren spotted one of the journo's who had been his fiercest critics walk in front of the coach and so he told the driver to put his foot down. ha ha ha, fair play

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