04th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

http://www.ClearMyMail.com Gets 10 Yetis Media Treat

Fix Up, Look Sharp… Yetis is in da house. No no no dear blog readers, I have not gone all “street”, I have just a very funny thread in UKBusinessForums from a guy who calls himself Dizzy Rascal!

Anywho… the busiest of busy weeks so far and it is only Wednesday plus someone has removed the coming Friday from the working week so it is all paws to the pumps.

I will talk about some of the good news we have on the horizon shortly but yesterday we launched our first campaign for a new client, Clear My Mail. This is a really good product that stops the oh so annoying Spam emails from getting in your inbox. The company actually offers a 100% Guarantee that will stop spam or your money back.

For me this is a really interesting campaign as it was a second real delve into the world of techy media which I am always told (by techy PR people) is the toughest sector to crack. Well… what a load of gumf. All the tech media I spoke with, from nationals through to trade were some of the nicest people I have had ever had the pleasure of speaking with. The main thing, as with most journo’s, is that they know their stuff inside out and yes, if you get things wrong you will be skewered but that is the same in any media arena.

Also, the second things that stood out about pushing out this release was the fact it was the first time I have spoken to the Guardian’s tech writer, Bobbie Johnson, since I accidentally sent him the same email 6 times (due to a server crash - honest) in the space of a minute last year, obviously something he was not best pleased about. The Guardian Tech section is a must read for me, I am a big fan and grab it every Thursday along with subscribing to his personal blog so I was more than embarrassed when I accidentally spammed him.

Anyway, moving on from my email woe… after only a day we have secured the following coverage and needless to say, both Clear My Mail and us are really pleased, epecially as the company has seen a big increase in new users already.

Here are some of the cuttings so far:

10 Yetis PR Agency Work
From Computing

10 Yetis Public Relations Agency
Macworld ran it

10 Yetis & ClearmyMail
Net4Now used it

One for the Dutch

And another

Well respected Web User

10 Yetis Graphic Design
Huge online news site

10 Yetis Web Design
Last but not least

Lets hope loads more will come along.

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