31st Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

I Feel Fine After Reading www.wefeelfine.org

I was playing around with the new iTunes and was trying to work out how I could add "stuff" to the TVShows section when I found the new Cool Hunting Video Podcast and so I subscribed.

The first one is about a website called We Feel Fine and is really really cool.

Coolest Site I have seen for ages
We Feel Fine Logo - Go check out the site

Basically, the two guys behind it are Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar. Harris describes the site in his Biog as; "using large-scale blog analysis to study human emotion".

Having a quick peek at the biog of these two guys it is clear that they really are just huge whacking great brains on a stick who wander round inventing some of the coolest things I have seen! Fair play to them for coming up with this. If you look at Harris's biog he has had a load of other really cool site ideas which are up and running.

Anyway, geting back to We Feel Fine...

The site uses some form of groovy witchcraft to search the blogosphere for people who write blogs with the text "I Feel" in them. The blog text is then put onto the WeFeelFine site in a really good graphic display which you can split by country, gender, age etc etc and then click one of the stars that whistle past on the screen to read a random bit of "I Feel" text.

Reading it feels strange but it is certainly one of the best creative ideas I have seen for a while.

I am not sure how the guys monetise the site, or if they even want or need to? One to watch, they have new sites that are equally good in development as well.

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