17th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Improving your creative life for tomorrow starts today

American Copywriter's Tug McTighe has written seven rules for creatives to live by.

It's nothing new - just common sense, which is refreshing to see and a good reminder to all of us to use it.

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This is the most important one for me:

Do research first, not last.

Too often, we create concepts out of thin air based on poorly written briefs or for ill-conceived projects. So start with research, do benefit testing, interview consumers of the product, watch them at home, whatever. Hey, the CW/AD team will always come up with something. Let’s start respecting them, ourselves and everybody’s precious time more. Respect each other enough to try to do it right the first time versus wasting two weeks concepting a project without the proper insights or account planning. It’s two weeks you will never, ever get back to spend with your family.

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