20th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

is Not Suprised Blair Rang Murdoch before the Iraq was began

Liberal Democrats peddled a story around today by using the Freedom of Information laws to find out that Tony Blair rang Rupert Murdoch several times on the week leading up to the start of the war in Iraq.

Those with a cracking memory will recall that the day after war began The Sun and The Times (Murdoch owned papers) carried leads supporting the military campaign.

Tony is now bringing peace to the middle East - Eek

I am not really that shocked by this "revelation". I expect most PM's, or members of their teams, made contact with the papers to gather support and help sway public opinion in wars of yonder years. For me it shows once again how powerful the Labour PR machine was and, quite rightly, how much Blair valued his media advisers. They will have said that he (Blair) as the very top man stands a better chance of persuading the media if he engages in the dialogue with the media himself, and he did, but what is more he did it in style by going direct to Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch
Murdoch is the controller of the not so free world and media master

I am sure this causes uproar in certain circles but as a PR who always tries to encourage businesses to see just why their in house public relations teams should be central to the decision making process, this is a perfect example.

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