20th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

It’s Pancake Day – Don’t Forget!

A filler piece in the Metro paper this morning reminded me that it was pancake day! Hoorah.

The article was just a nib with a good pic telling the story of the Earlsdon Cottage Restaurant in Coventry that has been preparing the world’s most expensive pancake.

The chef is Alex Lovell and the pancake costs around £95! Crikey…

Pancake crisis
One thing not to do with your Pancake!

The ingredients are, pancake, topped with Dom Perignon, berries, flambeyed in vintage brandy, Madagascan vanilla pods and Amaretto ice cream!

Bit over the top, quite like a bit of honey or lemon myself… but good bit of PR for the newly refurbished Earlsdon Cottage Restaurant.

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