22nd Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Jade Goody Public Relations Comeback after Celebrity Big Brother

Interesting to that see Jade Goody is carrying out a public relations campaign to try and regain some credibility after her fall from grace in the celebrity big brother house.

I am not sure which public relations agency or advisors are helping, but it seems the media is finely balanced at the minute. Personally I think it took real guts for her to appear on Big Brothers Little Brother on Sunday, especially as many papers were still carrying her story on the front pages.

It is too early yet to see if she can ever recover from this blow to her career, but given that the majority of average Joe's on the street don't really consider her as racist I think she can come back.

I do feel she has maybe been convinced by out-side sources to admit to being racist when in reality she probably does not realise what she has done is wrong... sadly due to her seeming lack of intelligence. Then again, stupid people don't earn £15m in two years, as we are led to believe is the case for Jade.

I think plenty of the stupidity is forced and maybe an act as it served her so well when she first appeared on Big Brother.

Whatever is the real situation you can guarantee that behind the scenes at Channel 4 they will welcome the ratings boost.

Picture credit: Daily Star

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