30th Apr 2006, by Andrew Barr

justcarsonline.co.uk Direct Mail Campaign

10 Yetis has been working with Justcarsonline.co.uk to help the launch go successfully.

Along with the PR stuff, The Creative Ones did a Direct Mail campaign and a bucket load of leaflets that justcarsonline handed out this weekend...

Have a gander

Below is the dealership A4 DL flyer.

10 Yetis Direct Mail design

We did a Dealership A4 DL leaflet, a Valet company A4 DL leaflet and flyers as well.

Below is a combination of all 3 designs

Copy and Design by 10 Yetis

We have quite a few direct mail campaigns on the go at the minute as the word is starting to spread about the good return on investment from our quirky designs and styles.

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