08th Apr 2006, by Andrew Barr

KashFlow - SillyJokes and Tribewanted storm into play

Have not posted on here for a few weeks as everything has been manic.

From the top, the Mac release went out for KashFlow and we appear to have got in all 3 target media of MacWorld, MacFormat and MacUser. hoorah. Really pleased that the MD, Duane, is now also starting to see an increasing number of sales as a direct result of the PR activity. Something we are always harping on about.

Next up, we launched Rochard Osborne's Quick Credit Reports business to the media and have had hits in a number of national mags like YEM, Quick Credit, Cerdit Today, Accountancy age and alike.

Next up, SillyJokes gave us a stack of sales stats to plough through and generate a story from, and wow did we have fun. From this we generated a league table for the top ten and bottom ten places in the UK for buyers of practical jokes... this flew out! Caroline, the MD of Sillyjokes (see Jill's Phlog) ended up doing 7 BBC regional radio interviews, a few commercial radio interviews and it got in a heap of regional papers. The Sun had given us strong assurance that it would feature in there as well but on the day it was nudged out by a mock up of the bloke who's face expanded due to the clinical trials going wrong!!! nightmare.

Still, the highlight for me had to be that we said that Caerphilly came in bottom and this outraged the local residents! It went front page on the local paper and even made it as lead story on Red Dragon FM!! How we laughed.

Then... this week came TribeWantedTribewanted which has just gone crazy!

From the moment we issued the release it just took off... at the time of speaking the two guys behind it are well and truly in the middle of a media frenzy. They have featured in the Metro, The Times, Sky News, Various Irish radio, travel news websites and there is loads lined up still to come such as American radio on Monday... We are so pleased for the guys and it is really good fun to be working on this project.

In the background of all this we have also been working on a project called FRESHTIES.com which is a portal whereby community, not for profit and business people can all get together to help each other. We have been trying to get them a few soundbites in the national and regional media over the last month or so. Things are starting to build now with more and more companies getting involved and this week Gordon Brown MP even got invovled and gave them a quote about how much he values the work FRESHTIES.com does.
The great thing about FRESHTIES.com is that no matter how big or small your business you can help. The charities on the site are not just looking for handouts they want to find people with skills that can benefot them. So take a look!

We have loads in the offing in the next few weeks as well such as the launch to the media of the UKBF first off-line netwroking event which should be ace. Make sure you sign up!

We have a new client on board and running called Wireless Lan Solutions, based in Welshpool who we are helping with Marketing and PR.

Oh yeah, and hats off to Jill for getting in a design mag called DIGIT.

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