31st May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Let The Big Brother Madness Commence!

Just as Big Brother was starting last night Andy and I were settling down to our celebratory opening BB night Chinese takeaway:

big brother

(Tom: Note the kettle - ours is better yes?)

I love Big Brother and all it's craziness, it's starting to represent the beginning of the summer to me. There's so much hype surrounding it and it's all over the media so it's impossible to ignore and much more enjoyable to just go along with the madness.

Initial thoughts from opening night are never realistic because it's only once everything has calmed down that we start seeing who they really are - and it's never what we thought they were like from their overly dramatic VT's.

However, taking a leap I think I'll probably like Laura the welsh nanny that likes to cook, and Lesley the 60 year old one that's spent her time so far giving them all funny looks. The student, Emily and Nicky both seemed likeable and normal but I think they'll be fairly boring.

The Joseph coat wearing woman is going to get right on my nerves if she keeps saying phrases like "'ave it" and whatever it is about gravy, and I think the anti war protester, Carol will probably end up looking after them all and being the voice of reasoning/agony aunt.

We did quickly flick over to the apprentice to see Simon Ambrose screwing in the legs on his trampoline which had me in fits of laughter:

I'm glad he didn't get fired - he seems quite lively and positive though I don't think he's what Alan is looking for. I don't think any of them are. I like Katie Hopkins too, she seems to be getting on everyones nerves but I think she's quite funny. Anyway, the apprentice is over - it's dead to me now.

So, what do you all think? And before I get loads of comments from Big Brother haters - I don't want to hear from you, you're just snobs thinking you're above it all! :)

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