13th May 2006, by Andrew Barr

Marketing Has Gone Seedy

We do a monthly newsletter http://www.10yetis.co.uk/pr/newsletters.html and this months is all about the seeding side of things when it comes to planning a viral marketing campaign.

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The Seedy Side of Marketing

What a title hey! Got you vaguely interested and hopefully to the stage of wanting to have more of a cheeky read through this months newsletter from 10 Yetis.

We have written a more general newsletter about viral marketing in the past but I thought this month we would take a wander through getting your campaign off and raring through the internet.

In the last few months we have seen a few interesting new launches hit the mass media as a result of viral marketing, these being PimpmySnack.com, Onredpaperclip.com and of course our little beauties

All of these have the common theme that a tremendous amount of work has gone into increasing their profile on the internet and using the all important word of mouth. But how do you apply this to your business?

The invention of places like MySpace and the growing Freshties.com means that you can quickly and easily, in effect, put a free advert about you and your business online giving gazillions of people out there the chance to see what you do.

If you combine this with all the online blogging places like MSN Spaces, Wordpress and alike you can quickly get a presence on a few very well ranked website. You have to remember though that the site
these all point back to, i.e. your business, needs to have loads of intriguing copy that will keep the browser interested.

If you are creating an online image and ethos of being a bit different but in contrast when the surfer reaches your site and they see the usual old brochure ware style then they may well be disappointed and worse case scenario they may even post negative comments on the web.

Don’t forget, as with everything in life nowadays Google is our saviour and if you want to see what people are writing about you or your competitors in blogs Google has a really nifty gadget called Google Blog Search (type that into normal Google and it will come up in number one place.

Another handy hint, if some of the text comes back in a foreign language with your company name or URL then use something like babelfish to translate it. It won’t give you spot on translations, but it will give you the general idea.

So what else can you do to move the viral marketing campaign forward…? It comes back to the title, it is all about seeding!

Seeding is not really a marketing term, it goes back to the days when people used to actually go outside instead of sitting at their PC all day and they would get down and dirty and sow the seeds for their crops.

It’s the same principle for viral marketing campaigns nowadays. You need to sow the seeds so that your messages then grow. We have already talked about some of the seeding opportunities earlier on, but there are plenty more. Online you could buy an opt-in consumer facing mailing list for your target market from places like KowledgeBank that gives details of email addresses and then send the link to your viral marketing campaign.

Make sure your auto-sig in your email carries a link to your viral marketing campaign and if you use Messenger, Yahoo, Skype or one of the many other chat based thingymebobs then make sure you reference the link in your username or message.

You can even (brace yourself), go outside and do some offline viral stuff. A spot of what the kids of the marketing world now call “Guerrilla” marketing can work a treat (I may do a bit more about Guerrilla marketing in the next propaganda thing I write). There is great debate within the marketing industry revolving around what Guerrilla marketing should be defined as… yawn, just get on with it.

Basically it is where you form a large public spectacle that is linked to your brand. One recent Guerilla marketing campaign I was involved with was for a leading financial services company where we
had a large group of people dressed in the same outlandish costume walking up a major city high st giving out flyers and goody bags.
This got mass media coverage in its own right and rapidly increased the profile of what had been, until that point, a company never heard of in that city.

To keep costs down you could do other smaller scale eye catching things, but just make sure it is really clear what company is doing it and where necessary you may need permission from the local council to carry out certain stunts… e.g. did you know fire-eaters that you see in city centres are now supposed to be licensed for health and safety reasons.

In conclusion (your honour) viral marketing can be fantastic, especially for raising your profile. Just remember that places like Hotmail would never have taken off it was not for viral campaigns in fact, Hotmail is credited with being the first company to use viral, just because they added that bit to the bottom of every mail that said, “do you want a free Hotmail email account”?

We have been lucky enough to work on a few really exciting, and some not so exciting (depends on what industry you are in) global viral campaigns and would love to see how we could help your business.

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Andy Barr

Head Yeti
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