23rd Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Michelle Delio Articles Retracted by Wired

Interesting story going round the web and mainstream news about Michelle Delio who is a freelance journo and who has written around 700 stories for Wired magazine at least.

Not quite sure how but Wired seems to have had some form of tip off that the quotes in her stories were not robust and commissioned journalism professor and Wired News columnist Adam Penenberg to review recent articles written by Delio for the magazine.

Penenberg and his staff of graduate students at New York University reviewed 160 articles, largely from 2004, but some earlier stories were also checked and then provided Wired News with a list of 24 stories that contained sources he could not confirm.

To be fair to Wired they have moved quickly and decisively to negate the damage caused by the lack of sources and hats off to them for doing so.

Interstingly Delio is standing by the articles and the quotes contained in them.

Wired put out a statement in one of the articles on the subject saying, "Wired News will now require freelance reporters to submit contact information for all named sources. Also, anonymous sources will be used only with appropriate justification".

Wired News and Wired mag work out of different offices

After a bit of digging it turns out that Penenberg exposed fabricated articles in The New Republic by Stephen Glass in 1998 while Penenberg was a writer for Forbes.com. Rather ominously for Delio, Glass was fired.... eek.

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