02nd Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

MySpace Allegedly Causes £1.5m ($3m) Law Suit

A MySpace school prank seems to have gone a bit OTT over in Tennessee and resulted in the parents of the kids who started it suing the school for $3m.

MySpace in the thick of it

The story goes that the parents of three teens who impersonated their assistant principal in a MySpace profile have filed a $3m suit that alleges school officials' disciplinary actions went too far.

The sons of the three plaintiffs, at the time 16-year-old students at a high school in Brighton, Tenn, created an account in the name of the assistant principal. Three days and many satirical comments later, administrators finally learned of the prank and expelled one and suspended the others before giving them disciplinary hearing, according to the Commercialappeal newspaper.

One of the lads was sentenced to three years of probation and 90 days of community service. He was also prohibited for using the Internet for personal use for an unknown period of time. The other two seem to have got off a lot lighter and were allowed back to their studies.

The parents claim that the punishment was over the top and breaches the kids first amendment right to free speech!

I found this story on TheRegister, and they say maybe a spanking and then moving on is enough!

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