24th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Old 10 Yetis Related KashFlow Stories Found Whilst Doing New UK Media Press Release

Over the last few days we have been pitching a story as hard as possible for our good friends over at KashFlow.

Luckily on day one we had a top UK news freelance reporter come in and say that they thought they could sell the story across some of the Sundays so that will be good if it all comes off.

On top of that we have had word from Accountancy Age that it will go in next weeks issue as well as getting front page on Daltons Weekly. The image of the Daltons piece will appear... like magic, very shortly.

All in all, as usual, a slow but rewarding process.

In the mean time I was doing a bit of digging around on old 10 Yetis KashFlow stories when ic ame across a load more coverage on sites we had previosuly missed. So, below is a breakdown of some of them:

10 Yetis PR Work Strikes Again
This is from Access Accounts

10 Yetis Media relations specialists
This is from Analyze This Business

This is from Best Practice

10 Yetis press release campaign
This is from CIMA Practice

10 Yetis Online and Viral marketing campaign specialists
Rather oddly, this is from a USA accounting website.

All good stuff, if only for SEO for Duane and his team oveer at KashFlow.

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