30th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

On The Wing, Nedko Solakov

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Have a read of this story (click on "lucky you") from Nedko Solakov

I found this yesterday and wasn't going to blog about it except I have found myself looking at several different products today and thinking how nice it would be to find a little hidden message from the person that made it. It would make me feel special to know that I was one of a few who knew about it and make the product more personal to me.

A bit like how computer virus writers or programmers sometimes hide little snippets in the code so that those clever enough to decrypt and unravel it will feel special and a personal connection to the writer when they find it.

I'm surprised really that companies don't use ideas like this to their advantage more. I'm looking at my empty starbucks cup and thinking if they had hidden a little URL with a unique code on say 1 million of their holders that took me to a page with a nice, thoughtful message and let me know that I was the only person in in the world, or one of a few people in the world to receive that message (the page could become be removed once the code was entered and viewed once) then they'd have a fan that would rave about them for life.

Does anyone know of any examples of companies trying things like this?

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