29th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

Oops, Microsoft's PR Agency Waggener Edstrom Drops the Ball

Just been reading about Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft's public relations agency in the USA accidentally sending a confidential briefing note about a journalist and his style, to the journalist himself. Oops!

The memo was about Wired journalist Fred Vogelstein and was only meant for internal viewing.

It contained gems such as, "It takes him [Vogelstein] a bit to get his point across so try to be patient," and claims that he "digs for dirt" and is "tricky".

Wired has published the story here and from there you can find the actual briefing document.

Microsoft's PR in USA

The briefing note was a massive 5500 words long and funnily enough it all came about because Microsnot is trying to change the public perception that it is an overly secretive company.

As a PR this is not a real shocker. When clients have interviews lined up with journalists quite often agencies are asked to put together a biog on the journo in question and include any tricky questions you think they may ask etc etc.

The thing is, you never then send it to the hack in question by accident :-)

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