19th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Oval Balls? Then You Need 10 Yetis Promotion

Scary bit of forward planning by us, so fasten your seat belt as Yetis get organised!

On the run up to last years oh-so-disappointing Football World Cup we at 10Yetis got hit with a bundle of requests for press releases from companies to promote services that had a groovy link to the event.

The only problem is that most people came to us just one week before the event and it is incredibly difficult to generate a top-quality release from scratch, distribute and follow up in just one week.

Can Jonny do it again?

We are already getting large companies coming to us about PR campaigns on the run up to the Rugby World Cup in Sept 07 and I thought it a wise move to mention it on Zee Blog so people can plan accordingly.

This year we are only going to be taking on a limited number of rugby related PR campaigns so we don’t add to the undoubted media saturation and we are taking bookings now.

So, if you have a service or product that you think can benefit from being linked to rugby then why not give us a shout sooner rather than later so we can start planning.

/End of Yeti Propaganda, please go about your business as normal

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