17th Jun 2006, by Andrew Barr

PIMP my Yetis Competition

biggedy biggedy biggedy BONG...

yo yo yo my people, get wiv da program innit.

OK, we are south-westerners through and through (with a hint of Brummy and Northerner) so went it comes to getting "street" our fashion in clothing aint what it could be.

Regular readers of this blog (hi mum) will know that we have been asked to show examples of our viral-marketing-graffitti work at a hip-hop festival in July.

Whislt this a great honour for us and we can't wait to get down with the kids, we are convinced we need to change our "threads" so we can fit in.

So thats where you come in... got any ideas? The funnier the better.

We have a few groovy little gifts and prizes knocking around here at Yeti Towers and the funniest suggestion left on this blog, as selected by us, will win one of these gifts.

So fire away, how do we get down with the kids?

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