06th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Rajar Reveal Strong Radio Listening Figures - Good news for marketing companies like 10 Yetis

Good news coming from the professional body that monitors radio listening figures, Rajar.

The statistics show that a record 90% of the UK population have listened to the radio for at least 24 hours over a weeks period. This equates to 45 million people tuning in over a 3 month period in Q4 2006.

Radio Listening Stats Body
Rajar, the radio stats people

Obviously this is great news for the radio companies but it also shows that marketeers have a great opportunity to reach the great UK public id they can get the messaging right.

For years radio advertising has been in decline, as with TV and Print Press, and radio ads in particular have come under increased scrutiny as it has long been recognised that only breakfast and drive time slots get huge listeners. I personally feel that radio adverts are good for profile, if you have other campaigns going on using different media at the same time, but are not good if you are selling products in a FMCG environment.

The Rajar figures shows that commercial radio stations were the biggest winners in the latest announcement and this is good news for companies such as Chrysalis who saw massive jumps in listener figures. Chrysalis itself is rumoured to be sold soon with Emap and maybe even the Guardian Group kicking the tyres to see if it would be a good purchase.

Chrysalis owns London's number one station Heart FM and a network of Galaxy local stations, and said that its revenues had increased by 5% in January compared with the same month last year.

Owners of Heart FM and Galaxy
Chrysalis, the media group

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