02nd May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Reading Lion Mascot Gets his Marhcing Orders! - Summer Story 4!

Another fantastic story… sorry that today’s second post is footy related as well.

I read that Mike Riley (premier league football ref) sent of Reading FC’s mascot in a recent game against Newcastle as apparently his shirt was distracting the linesman! The issue related to the mascot wearing the home shirt and fact he was in the linesman’s line of sight.

All good fun you may think… but no no no… the Football Association has announced an inquiry into what happened. Overkill shocker from the FA! Pity they didn’t have such an inquiry before, during and after the last World Cup when England played so badly.

Lion Gets Marching
Mike Riley Gets Tough with Fluffy Lion Mascot

I hear the Newcastle AND the Reading fans cheered the mascot as he trudged off the field.

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