09th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Richard Branson is a True Business Hero

You see all these surveys being pinged around by banks looking to win more SME clients about who is the SME’s business hero and time and time again the same few people come up.

These people are normally Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Stelios, Michael Dell and more recently Duncan Bannatyne. I admit that I admire these business figures greatly but something I read today in the Metro today put Richard Branson head and shoulders above these, if only in my mind.
Richard Branson
50 Odd Year Old Virgin

Did you know that on the run up to the Iraq war Branson personally tried to intervene to prevent military action by asking Nelson Mandela to fly to meet with Saddam Hussein. Mandela apparently agreed but only if Kofi Annan would give his approval. Unfortunately, on the day that the approval came through and Mandela and Branson were set to fly to Baghdad the military action began.
Nelson Mandela
Nissan Main Dealer – Global Hero

Fair play, that one business person can have such an impact is quite amazing. I for one never knew of that story at all.

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