19th May 2006, by Andrew Barr

rockstarlottery signs up for some 10 Yetis treatment

Things may have been quiet on the surface of the blog this week but boy have things been hectic behind the scenes.

Start of the month was quite quiet on new client enquiries and then whoosh bang we had a few coming through at once.

www.rockstarlottery.com has signed up for some 10 Yetis intense media treatment, a really exciting global project which we are going to help take to the masses very shortly.

We have also got through to the final stages of signing up a large media production and streaming company and we find out next week if that is all going to proceed.

Our funky friends Jeremy and Ben from Wireless LAN Source have been exhibiting at a Wireless event at Olympia so no doubt they will have caught the eye of some of they key government and large business budget holders.

Duane from www.KashFlow.co.uk found himself plastered all over the front page of the Better Business section from the FT this week (cutting to come very shortly).

Just Cars Online is going strong despite the media's collective attempts to ignore our work... we have started to get through now and we have another major national push coming soon.

Of course the www.tribewanted.com duo have been jetting off around the globe with Mark having now left Oz to head over to Fiji and spread the word (pics to follow). And we also have now got some pics of Ben and Mark being filmed by NBC for the Today show.

Moving on, we have been heavily promoting the www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk networking even that is going on in Milton Keynes on June 23rd as well.... go on... sign up to the UK's most frequently used small business forum... you know you want to!

Jill has spent the majority of the last two weeks travelling around the UK doing a series of photo shoots for a massive corporate client (a pesky NDA means we cannot say the name... but think big and then times by two) and we will have some pics to follow that up shortly... mainly of Jill in a tiny little office surrounded by equipment!

There seems to be so much going on right now and things will only get better as our own marketing campaigns are starting to deliver great returns... well they had to didn't they! We did them, and if we cannot market our selves then what the flip are we going to do!

Oh yeah, and all you fellow south westerners look out for a splash about 10 Yetis in the local paper, turns out a few media types have been keeping an eye on our work and have decided to do a feature on us...

As they say down our way, "Alright then.... Proper job"!

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