19th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Sir Alan Sugar Apprentice - 10 Yetis hot tip Gets Sugary Finger

Following on from my recent ramblings about The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar I have to admit that the only one I tipped form the start to have the potential to be a winner was Dr Sophie Kain, and she got Sir Alan's Sugary finger last night which shows what an expert I am!

I thought that she had something different from the rest of the Sugar-Lings but I forgot to take into account the fact that she probably could not sell as good as the rest of them and selling is what pushes Sir Alan’s buttons.

Dr in the house
Kain but not Able

So, she is gone and now I don’t know who to tip. Simon Ambrose looks like he knows his thing, so that’s him given the kiss of death and he will be given The Finger next no doubt.

Potential Apprentice Winner – You heard it here first
Devon knows how they make Ambrose so good

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