20th Oct 2006, by Andrew Barr

Start Your Business Magazine - The Good - Alex Tew, Million Dollar Homepage Interview

Start Your Business is a strange old mag, I have had some conversations with the people behind the scenes in the past and to be honest it does not strike me as the most well organised mag in circulation. As well as the page layout needing a bit of modernisation, I am never a big fan of "advertorial" only magazines either as I think they don't give SMEs with a good story to tell an opportunity to get their stories covered. I suppose bang goes my chance of getting a feature in there, but as I say, don't really have much to do with the Advertorial media if I can help it.

Despite my own private thoughts on the mag, a few of the SMEs I have spoken to about it, some of whom have paid to be in the mag, have said that they like it so it is appealing to some of its target media.

Negativity to one side, I have to take my hat off to them as there are a few signs that things are picking up with them having a decent sized interview with Sir Stelios and an interesting article comparing the Easy brand against the Virgin Brand.

However, the article that I went to straight away was an interview with Alex Tew of Million Dollar Homepage fame. I must admit that I was interested given that he is a friend of a client of ours, Tribewanted, and I wanted to read his side of the story behind all the interent rumours of why his idea was so successful, and that he himself has mentioned when popping on to Shell-Livewire from time to time.

Unfortunately the article did not dig too deep and I think that if the researcher had looked around the net a bit they would have found some probing questions for Alex to consider. Anyone who has followed Alex's rise and rise to fame will no doubt be as keen as I am to see what his next big venture is going to be. I know that it has been some time in the planning and I can only presume it will be something massive.

Apparently Alex is now working out of London and fair play to him he has done bloody well.

Another really good interview in Start Your Business involved Max Clifford(the guy is so good he does not even need a website), a hero to all us PR's. I actually felt sorry for the PR company who had their advert placed next to the article on Max Clifford, as I say maybe a sign of the behind the scenes mayhem at SYB. I cannot believe the PR company in question got much out of it.

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