02nd May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Stephen Seagull is a Bouncer in Brighton

Oh my gosh, crazy summer story three, courtesy of Rachael at Kochou (great spot Rach).

So, you are a builder, you keep getting bombed by seagulls, do you (a) smile and get on with it kowing the job will be over soon or (b) put an ad in the paper looking for a seagull scarer/bouncer?

Random Seagull
Military Trained Stephen Seagull

Yes, if your name is Colin Jones and you run a building company in Brighton, then option B it is every time. Colin has hired a chap called Stephen at £6 an hour to wave a broom at the seagull every time it looks like one will swoop down on Colin.

This story is fantastically funny, not least because the seagull bounce is now known as Stephen Seagull…. Ha ha ha, see what they did there.

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