30th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Steve Cone - Marketing Secrets Book - A must read

Every few weekends I go to a groovy little bookstore in Gloucester called Bookends. It looks a really dusty old place but over the years I have found and bought some excellent business books at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay in the likes of Waterstones and Smiths.

This weekend I went in just to have a browse and found a relatively short book by Steve Cone called, Marketing Secrets That Will make You a Star - STEAL THESE IDEAS. Steve is one of the most respected and proven marketeers of his time.

And yes, really, that is the name of the book.

A great book about marketing
Go on, steal his ideas - they work!

I bought it yesterday morning and have now just finished reading it cover to cover.

What I am saying is that all SME's could learn a thing or two from this. And for those experienced marketeers it serves as a great refresher.

There is also a small bit on the age old argument of long versus short copy and Cone comes out (as I have always said) on the side of short copy working better.

A really good book.

p.s. gutted I cannot give Bookends a bit of link love... they don't have a website.

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