05th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Take Care Of Your Website

take care of your website

I love it when websites make little changes in their design to reflect a special calendar date or occasion. It was nice over the christmas period this year to see many small businesses add a little something Christmassy into their site.

Now that they've all been taken down, and our little yetis have put their santa hats away for the year, I want to pay homage to the people that do this the best.


When companies pay such attention to detail it really helps visitors to feel that they care about the user experience enough to dedicate the time it takes to doing this, and that they want to show us their site is important to them and they give it lots of attention to keep it current.

So with the next big calendar date being valentines day, how many of you are going to show us a little love with your websites?

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