23rd Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Teagues Rugby Bar in Gloucester - Interruption Marketing At Its Best

I went to Teagues Rugby bar in Gloucester this week and found the best example of Urban Spam, or Interruption marketing so far.

Call it Urban Spam, call it Interruption Marketing, call it what you like... since I blogged about Russell Davies talking about it I have been on the look out for some of the best examples.

Definitions in our industry are tough enough at the best of times but for me examples of good Urban Spam, or Interruption Marketing, are those where you feel you have been taken slightly out of your comfort zone by an advert in a place you would not expect it.

Having scoured London with the not so trusty digital camera in the hope of spotting something, I found the best example so far in good old Gloucester (10 Yetis home town) in the toilets of a sports / rugby bar called Teagues, opposite the mighty Kingsholm Rugby stadium.

I was passing on my knowledge at the urinal when I looked up and at head height was what looked like post-it notes stuck to the wall that you just peeled off. The ad was for Blue Sq betting and gave you a free £25 bet.

I have seen plenty of good and unique toilet ads but this I think is the best.

Ad in Teagues bar
Teagues is “The most rugby mad bar in the most rugby mad city” (according to a quote from the Guardian)

What's more, depite having had a few sherberts, I started to look around the bar itself and the marketing there is fantastic. The people who run it are obviously switched on as they have ads in places like at head height above the hand dryers and they are all consistent with the other marketing material in the bar so the messages stick in your mind.

Hats off to Teague's bar in Gloucester... best beer and best example of marketing!

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