29th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

The Apprentice With Alan Sugar - Early Verdicts

Well, we are into the third series of the Apprentice now, Tim Campbell (the first winner) and Michelle Dewberry (the second series winner) have both now left Sir Alan Sugar's Amstrad empire and this new crop, with the exception of a few, so far look like a right bunch.

I do like The Apprentice, it is a good watch, but incredibly cringing and I am not sure who picks the candidates, Sir Alan or the BBC?

The reason I question this is that in my eyes the people who are all chosen are in the main either entrpreneurs or aggressive sales types and I am not sure any of these would be suited to ever be in charge of a big corporate.

I think this has been evidenced in the fact that both Michelle and Tim were not aggressive sales types and were in fact quite quiet and effective and in effect much more appropriate for the role Sir Alan is recruiting for.

Last nights was the usual flurry of testosterone with this years equivilent of the Badger (or the equivilent of the Badger on acid in this case) is Jadine Johnson who the tabloids have already targetted, rather nastily, with questions about her mental health.

Jadine Johnson
Jadine started with a McJob! ha ha ha, see previous blog posts about McJobs

In the blokes camp the new Sayid is Tre Azam who is already doing my swede in with his drama queen style.

Beard sculptured man
The new Sayid, and just as drama queen ish

I suspect I will be addicted though all the same... I just wish it was more "real-life", but hey, that don't get viewers.

My early tip to win... well, she nearly got fired last night but Dr Sophie Kain is may favourite although I suspect we have not even seen or heard the winner yet as this was only episode one.

Is there a Doctor in the house?
My tip to win

All pics from the BBC website

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