02nd May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Topshop + Kate Moss = Longest Running Story Ever!

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know that Top Shop has allegedly paid circa £3m to Kate Moss for her design inspiration for a range of clothes.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know that people waited from 12.30pm yesterday to get their hands on the new range (no really).

Yeah yeah yeah, we saw the media scrum outside the Oxford Rd store that looked like a Royal was about to go by.

But man.... fair play to Top Shops public relations team for keeping the story going for so long. They have managed to keep the story in the media for what feels like 6 months or more and gently kept ratcheting things up until a massive frenzy broke out yesterday.

Kate Moss Range
Moss not given time to settle at Top Shop launch

What is more, today (Tuesday) ALL the media have gone big on the terrorist plot and prison sentances yet Kate Moss's Top Shop story is the immediate follow up article in the tabloid's which is the company's peak target audience.

I think when the Consumer PR spritzer awards are handed out this year Top Shop should be leading the way.

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