13th Apr 2006, by Andrew Barr

Tribewanted launches

And then came TribeWanted.com

They day after we launched it for Ben and Mark the Metro went large and put it in the best of all places, page 3. Big thanks to Suzy Austin from the Metro who i constantly stalk with stories and who is one of the most patient journo's I know.

Suzy Austin at the Metro did this piece after seeing the 10 Yetis release.. Metro is the holy grail for PR so Page 3 resulted in a swift beer here in Gloucester

The one Ben loved more than anything, front page of the Malvern Gazette

front page of your local paper as a result of a 10 Yetis campaign

The Sunday Observer

in the escape section, from a 10 Yetis Press release

A big bit of positive PR then Tom Cheshrye from the Saturday Times

Tom asked loads of questions but the 10 Yetis team worked through them with Mark

A huge piece from the Sunday Times where they took Ben for lunch and gave him a tour of the Times editorial offices

anther hit from 10 Yetis Press Release

This was followed on Monday by a postive piece in the Daily Express

Bit harsh with the whole ginger chief thing but another great 10 Yetis driven article

On top of all this came hits from around the world inlcuding the South China Morning Post, various radio across Ireland, Australia, America and papers across France and Spain.

At the time of typing we have further coverage coming up in the Sydney Morning Herald and in Danish papers.

Mark and Ben have so far done UK radio for BBC 5 Live, BBC Berks, BBC 3 Couties, BBC Herforfshire, Capital Gold, BBC Radio Manchester, Wave 106 FM... all as a result of a 10 Yetis press release, intense following up of the story and general perseverance through the night... jill and I have not slept properly from the launch due to media calls from around the world... long may it continue.

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