08th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

UK Public Relations Industry - At All Time High?

I have been reading a number of these "top 100 businesspeople" stories and I cannot fail to be amazed at the number of people who list "media" as their occupation.

This made me think and I cannot ever remember a time when "media work" was so high on the public agenda.

Alright, in journalists eyes the lowest end of the media foodchain is Public Relations, but now more than ever PR in the UK is becoming a much sought after sector to work in.

There is certainly more demand than ever before with companies increasingly looking for a UK based public relations campaign to shine where maybe their advertising once did.

Personal PR campaigns is a growing area as well, with more and more individuals wanting their 15 minutes of fame, especially amongst the 16-25 age group, maybe spurred on by Chantelle from Celebrity Big Brother who led the ultimate in rags to riches lifestyle.

All good for us "media" companies, lets home the economy stays strong.

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