03rd Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Viacom Demands YouTube Removes its Media Clips

Signs of growing tensions between media houses and YouTube as Viacom has demanded that all its media's clips (including MTV and Comedy Central to name a few, are taken down from the site.

Viacom Logo
Viacom are not happy with Google and YouTube

The New York Times reports that Viacom along with NBC and New Corp are all getting a bit miffed that clips of their best shows keep appearing on YouTube..

Only last weekend there was a spat after YouTube had clips of the brand new Simpson series as soon as it was on air, and although the site removed the clips that were originally put on, inevitably, copies had been made and now loads of copies are floating around the web.

Google is staying very quiet on the issue at the mintue but given that it has a considerable war chest with which it can wade into a legal battle or acquisitions it is only a matter of time before the situation explodes.

“We cannot continue to let them profit from our programming,” Philippe P. Dauman, Viacom’s chief executive, said in an interview. Mr. Dauman said that Viacom had been in discussions with Google for months, but that Google kept delaying and did not make what Viacom saw as a serious offer.

Not a happy bunny
Philippe P. Dauman

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