17th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Volkswagen Pulls Suicide Car Advert... no, not THAT one!

Over in America Volkswagen have got themselves in a bit of strife about an advert where a guy goes to kill himself but doesn't when he realises that he can in fact afford a new Volkswagen.

Beetle is my favourite

Apparently this is the second time this week a car advertiser has had to pull an advert over in America. General Motors was forced to pull an adver due to run suring the superbowl that depicted a robot committing suicide after it made a mistake whislt making a car.

Don't know what cars they make, maybe the Esplanade?

Still... all this kerfuffle (as Lou and Andy would say) over in the USA. Jeez, it is a good job they didn't see this advert then (see below).

Caused controversy, VW denied they paid for it to be shot

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