13th Mar 2006, by Andrew Barr

Weekly Review and Ramblings

Another action packed week in the world of 10 Yetis. In no particular order a general summary of things that may be of vague interest to readers.

We launched two press releases this week. One was for KashFlow and the other for Quick Credit Reports. The media hook for the KashFlow release was its Mac compatibility and from the moment it went out it got media bites pretty much straight away.

As is always the case, before we launch any release we profile each media target (nothing new, all good PR people do this) and draw up a list of the "Holy Grail" of media outlets we really want to get the client in. For the KashFlow release, amongst 40 or so outlets the real top draw ones we wanted, based on circulation and general awareness were Mac World, Mac User, Mac Format... lo and behold, we got all of them! It looked like we had Guardian Tech section interested at one point but it now appears that the lead has gone cold... darn. It also got picked up across the USA and the KashFlow team has had a few good leads to follow up as a result of this.

The Quick Credit Report release has chugged along like a freight train, i.e. slow start but slowly and surely media outlets are picking up on it and we are expecting some big hits over the next month. We have very much launched this on the back of Quick Formations success and it is really scary how many actual journo's have mentioned that they have heard of the owner Rich, probably cos he has won so many awards!

We had another big pitch towards the end of the week, as ever, cannot name names yet, but I am really hoping to get this company on board to share the Yeti love. They have a really strong market proposition and have been working with some fantastic clients, and I think they really should be shouting a bit more about what they do.

We are also working on two major releases at the minute. One is for Silly Jokes. The thing we are doing for them is probably the most fun release we have done to date. I cannot wait to launch it...

The second is for Media Storehouse the image rights and photo-management company to the stars. They have another big client launching next week and we are press releasing the fact to trade media and also direct to consumer press, again, quite exciting.

For while now we have had an idea on the backburner and it now looks like it can go ahead, or at least go into development stage, as we have a bit more time freed up thanks to getting our new site up and running. The new idea is really a bit of fun, but one which will hopefully open up another PR avenue and get us as a service provider as close as possible to selling an actual product.

Oh yeah, and we are still not sure if we should go ahead with the Anti-Noel-Edmunds site, as when we did the acid test (i.e. spoke to friends about it down the pub) it turns out most people do like him? Oh how short a memory people have!

Anyway, enough from me.

See ya soon... oh yeah, Today's Joke:

2 bags of crisps are walking done the road, a policeman pulls up beside them and asks "do you want a lift?", they both reply

"sorry mate, were walkers!!"

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