10th Oct 2006, by Andrew Barr

When the Shit Hits the Fan - Crisis PR 10 Yetis Style

Over the last few months we have got involved in alot of crisis public relations, in terms of helping companies who have found themselves on the wrong end of media attention.

Although this is not a service we pro-actively advertise it is one which I have considerable experience in and rather perversly, enjoy helping out with.

With crisis public relations I have learnt that the best for of defence is to just lay out the facts as they happen and try not to put up a smokescreen as the truth will always come out. It is all about how you manage the outing of that truth and this is where 10 Yetis can help.

As I said, I have considerable experience of this sector so if anyone ever wants to talk their options through feel free tog et in touch.

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