09th Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

www.10Yetis.co.uk - Finalists in a National Art Award

So then... just before we set off for Brighton we had some absolutely top news.

Once again, Jill has gone and done something groovily great.

On friday it was announced that out of the thousands and thousands of people who entered the Drench Art Award, Jill got into the final 25.

This is the blurb;

"You have been selected as a finalist for the Drench Art Award, an annual award to find the UK's hottest young artist, supported by leading members of the UK art world.

The work will be showcased in the Proud Gallery, Camden, London which on the 21-23rd of July, and is open to everyone."

Great stuff!!! So, if you are in the area, why not pop along? Go on!

To see more about the award go visit the website.

Here is the image that is in the final:

10Yetis graphic design - award winning (hopefully)

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