01st Jun 2006, by Andrew Barr

www.rockstarlottery.com Gets Some Groovy 10 Yetis Viral Marketing

We have been working hard to get more media attention onto our friends at www.Rockstarlottery.com and as well as getting a good double blast in the Metro (cutting to come), they have been getting some great online stuff as well.

It is a geat story to tell, not least because the guy behind it is so passionate about stopping bands from getting ripped off. The stats don't lie either and so far they have beaten places like www.Friendsreunited.co.uk in terms of number of sign ups at the start of the project. Guinness has been informed :-)

Here is some of the Global online stuff that has come through:

South African National Radio

This Is London

And the brilliant GQ Magazine

As I say, more cuttings to come as and when we get them in.

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