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Consumer PR and business-to-business PR are two totally different animals, usually undertaken by different kinds of agencies. We’ve had the good fortune to work, fairly extensively, across both kinds and consider ourselves somewhat experts in both of the fields.

Public Relations Our Expertise

Put the Yetis on the map

The first campaign to put the Yetis on the map, so to speak, was with Tribewanted, an eco-tourism company that landed a BBC documentary charting the team’s progress transforming an idyllic community in Sierra Leone, along with sustainability-savvy holiday makers who wanted to lend a hand and become a temporary tribe member. It was a fantastic success for all involved and attracted media attention all over the world; Tribewanted is still going strong today with locations around the world and enquiries pouring in from would-be tribespeople wanting to trade in the rat race.

Business goals

Modern day consumer public relations campaigns are about more than just having the right contacts, it's about understanding what the brand wants to achieve. It could be sales of products, getting the phone ringing with enquiries, giving a brand a boost in terms of public profile or, as is often the case, bringing in authority media links to help a company with its Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

From SME to corporations, we can help you

Over the years, 10 Yetis has grown from humble beginnings to work with huge consumer brands across all kinds of sectors; from giant comparison site, uber-cool fashion brand Superdry and the UK’s most-used money saving specialist Vouchercloud, through to smaller start-up companies like Wickedly Welsh Chocolate and even charities like WaterAid. We feel that, after a decade, we have pretty much covered all bases and have proven that we can help and, more importantly, can deliver an amazing return on investment.

Social media influencing

The secret behind success is newsworthy stories, with strong hooks that are genuinely interesting. Beyond that, consumer PR can vary widely depending on the client in question and their objectives right through to the kind of target demographic they have, as well as what they are (and aren’t!) prepared to do to attract attention to their brand.

Many clients come to us with a misconception that consumer PR is the most expensive kind and will always warrant a big budget; but this is actually a complete myth. It’s great to have a big budget to work with and to be able to stuff the calendar with lots of sophisticated, big-ticket activity, but it’s also perfectly possible to achieve excellent results with a campaign on a more restrictive budget. It’s all about pinning down exactly what kind of results the client wants and figuring out the most creative and thrifty way to achieve them. Some of our best results have been the product of very straightforward and affordable campaigns.

Our consumer PR campaigns have been hugely successful all around the globe, having rolled out campaigns for multi-national telecoms companies, money saving and financial services companies through to extreme sports and fitness brands.

Off-the-wall ideas

Brands looking for help with consumer PR also usually have more opportunity to have fun with the brief and be creative. We love to come up with off-the-wall ideas and concepts that will really stand out, from stunts and spoofs through to Spotify playlists! Although we know how to create a successful campaign with the expected mix of press releases, feature outreach and reactive comments piggybacking on topical news stories, we also know that journalists like to receive something different in their inbox and endeavour to keep our campaigns fresh and interesting.

Strong media relationships

Consumer journalists, in particular, will receive hundreds of emails every day; with tens of brands vying for their attention at any one time. This means that it’s even more important to stand out. We take pride not only in our angles and activity to ensure we accomplish this, but also in our approach. We target our stories specifically to journalists that we know are likely to be interested, through our strong media relationships. We are lucky to have great links with all of the top national news outlets, to the extent that we can call up our contacts and have a chat with them about our stories, what they like and want more of, and can build our campaigns and activity to suit their preferences. This gives our clients the best chance of getting noticed for all the right reasons.

Bloggers and social media influencers

We have also worked hard to extend these relationships beyond the traditional media to reach out to bloggers and social media influencers; we believe these are hugely important to consumer PR campaigns and many of our clients approach us with this objective, as well as being open to our own guidance and suggestions. We’ve worked on great blogger and influencer-based consumer campaigns for all kinds of brands, ranging from the eye health brand, Optical Express, through to beauty subscription service, Nailbox.

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