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We can create cinematic quality online videos that can be used as marketing assets to support wider public relations and social media campaigns. Sadly, they are often described as “viral” videos, a term we hate but is a necessary industry evil.

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Why “viral videos” are so popular

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept, and you’ve probably watched hundreds of online videos which are promoting an item or a service, whether you can tell that it is or not. These sorts of videos are a great way of increasing brand awareness as well as increasing the time spent on your website. If someone is searching for your company or brand online and a video is included in the search results, they are much more likely to click a video link over a text link. 77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers. (econsultancy). A video is a great way to capture attention and keep the brand in the person’s mind long after they have left the website or video page. Some of the most successful online content marketing videos have gone on to get millions of views online, making the potential reach for your brand huge. Considering all this it seems outdated to not even think about creating an online video for your company.

What should my “viral video” be about?

When it comes to content marketing videos it can be difficult to choose which route to take, though most of the time the video will include some sort of humour to convey the message whilst keeping attention. There are millions of ‘funny’ videos on the internet and so you’ll need something original and interesting to stand out. We’re happy to create a video from one of your own ideas, or if you’re not sure where to go then we can help you to find the right video for you and your company. We will get our bright team together to come up with some ideas that are perfect for your brand, we can then discuss these and their possible effect when hitting the internet. Don’t worry, we’re not shy of creating something a little controversial if you and we think it’ll hit the right mark.

Campaign awareness videos

Awareness videos are another option, a serious message can be conveyed via hidden camera videos or another method such as animation. You can then attribute this message to your brand, this works well in conjunction with PR campaigns. For example, using a hidden camera video we found that a large majority of people would willingly help a man (actor) who appeared drunk, into his car. This message was spread out into a PR campaign with stats from the findings which helped raise awareness of drink driving in national and online press. We have lots of experience when it comes to these sort of videos so we’re more than happy to get involved on your project, our PR team can help out with angles too. One of the most famous and most successful online awareness videos was ‘Dumb ways to die’ which was raising awareness for train line safety, this now has billions of views, simply because of the catchy song and cute animation.

Filming options

We have many options for filming depending on what the video will be. If it is required we have a studio available for green and white screen work, which are also portable so can be used in your offices or another agreed upon location. You can be secure in the knowledge that all of our cameras film in High Definition and to a broadcast standard. We can also offer animation as an option, if this is something you and we think will work better for your project. Editing time will depend on the type of video being made but we can prioritise projects with a need for a quick turnaround. When we’ve agreed on a finished edit we can provide files and the finished piece through a secure online file transfer service or on a hard drive, whichever is more convenient for you.

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