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From taking Corporate Social Responsibility reports to a more engaging level, through to supporting a company’s annual report, we know how to make sure your company shines via video.

Our Expertise

Create engaging video

If you have information that needs to be conveyed to your employees but feel the subject matter is rather stale, then video is a great way to bring the material to a more engaging level. According to recent stats people are 96% more likely to click through on an email that features a video than a plain text one, a definite suggestion that your employees will see the message. Also consumers are apparently 75% more likely to buy a product if they can see a video demonstration beforehand. It’s also true that 58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be a more trustworthy body. (econsultancy)

Get creative with video

You can get involved in the creative process to make sure you are getting across all the points you want in the video and all the visuals you want too. If you have less of a vision for your video our experienced directors can help you with our expertise in corporate videos to help you find the perfect fit for your company and its image. We’ll discuss everything you require in the planning stage and set a plan and decide whether you need a script or if question prompts would work better for the video you want. If you decide you would rather use an actor/presenter for your video then we are happy to take charge of sourcing an actor, of which we have worked with many. Nothing will be finalised without your final approval.

Corporate video the way you want it

We’re experienced in all areas of corporate video and have created hundreds of videos for a large variety of clients including national brands such as Ecclesiastical and Balfour Beatty. These videos have been used both internally within the company and externally for the company’s clients and customers to see.

Whatever angle you need for your corporate video, we can provide for it, whether it be promotion, training or purely just informational. There are many options available for your video. We can offer filming of talking heads, product presentation, animation, introductions to the workplace or employees, anything you need we can do.

Corporate talking head videos

If you are interested in talking heads/interviews being the main focus of your company’s video you can read a bit more about it here. LINK. The main things we can offer regarding talking heads are a choice of filming backgrounds; green screen, infinity screen (white background) or a decided upon location such as an office. Our green screen and infinity screen is portable so we can either come to you to film or you can visit our studio for filming.

Corporate animation videos

Another option you may consider for your corporate video is animation. We have experience in creating animation for clients for both internal and external videos, ensuring that the output is relevant for employees and engaging for clients and customers. The final piece will take slightly longer to produce if you want animation involved. Animation is especially useful if you need to get visual information across that might not be as easily demonstrated with just words.

Company update videos

If there are changes happening in the company and you need several videos to convey this then we’re happy to organise a day’s filming to get all the videos completed. Obviously we can only fit a certain amount in one day so we may need extra days for shooting if there is a large amount of content to be filmed. We are happy to revisit over a certain period to get all the footage and interviews we need to make your video perfect.

Equipment we use

We use the high quality Canon C100 which provides a polished filmic look to your finished piece. We also use state of the art editing software which allows us to create a refined and timely edit. There is also the option of using state of the art equipment like a jib and a glide track to create truly cinematic shots to give your video a slick feel. We also have high quality audio equipment to capture clean sound. Depending on the requirements of the shoot we have the option of booming or using personal mics which work best in interview situations.

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If you think you’d like to work with a lovely bunch like us on your next corporate video then don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team for a quote and to discuss your project. We’re confident we can create the perfect high quality video for you and your company and at a competitive rate.

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