Cross Platform Campaigns

We specialise in creating combined social, video and public relations campaigns that engage audiences.

Public Relations Our Expertise

Understanding client goals is key to successful campaigns

We only suggest these kind of bigger, cross-platform campaigns once we have understood your goals. Objectives can vary from client to client and may be about raising profile, driving traffic to a website, getting authority links or, on a more basic level, getting the phones ringing off the hook and selling more products.

Our team have used these kinds of campaigns for brands like Chillisauce and to name just two and, in both instances, they were the best performing campaigns in their entire history of marketing and public relations.

Unparalleled measurable results

The wider benefit of these campaigns is that they perform well on every level and metric. Cross platform campaigns are a great way of creating engaging social media content, brilliant for driving views, seeding content and using as a media hook for a public relations campaign. Video-driven campaigns are usually more like to drive links for clients, having a positive impact on search engine optimisation. Tools that we use to measure the impact of campaigns with a social media strategy included are Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and True Social Metrics and more.

Social friendly micro-sites

Some of our cross platform campaigns have also incorporated small, fun, micro-sites that link back to the client, which we then promote to the media and across social media platforms. Some of the successful sites that we have built for our own campaigns include The micro-sites that we build for clients as part of a cross platform campaign are always engaging, insightful and, most importantly, sharable. A widget that we created for a jewellery client - the 'Proposal Generator', ended up on the likes of Mashable, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and MTV.

In-house content creation team

Another way in which we are unique and offer something different is that we have our own, in-house, portfolio of news websites and platforms, along with high volume “lifestyle” accounts across various social media channels. We use these to kick off and launch cross platforms campaigns, as the channels and accounts have their own ready-made public audiences and fan-bases who are receptive to our content and organically share our materials.

Covering all bases

PR is now a term used for a broader range of services and activity, with SEO, social media, influencer outreach and video all coming under the umbrella. The best and most successful campaigns are usually the ones that span all of these. If a PR campaign starts performing well and generating a lot of media coverage (something which is most likely to happen with strong video, images or content) chances are that it'll end up creating conversation on social media platforms. It could also start driving a lot of links to your website (SEO). When we put campaigns together for clients, we bear all of this activity in mind to create a truly unbeatable cross-platform approach.

Working alongside in-house teams

We regularly work alongside our clients' in-house teams, such as social media, marketing, SEO or PR managers to deliver out cross-platform campaigns. This is something we are more than happy to do and we will gladly lend our ideas and expertise to you in order to create the best campaigns we possibly can. Sometimes, we'll create all of the content for a cross-platform campaign and deliver most aspects of it, such as the PR and influencer outreach side of things and then our clients' in-house teams may pick up on executing the social strategy we've put together, for example. We are very used to working in this way, but similarly we can take the headache away from your team and manage all aspects of the campaign so that you can just sit back and watch the results roll in.

Low budget campaigns

It's easy to assume that cross platform PR campaigns would be expensive, but that's really not the case. We specialise in delivering low-budget, high impact campaigns that won't leave a burning hole in your back pocket. Some of the best campaigns we've delivered for clients have fallen into the low budget category and we've even won awards for cost-effective campaigns we've carried out in the past. An effective cross platform campaign needn't be expensive and, given that we're based outside of London and have low overheads, we have the edge when it comes to our fees. If you want a quote, just give us a shout.

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