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Find out why the likes of GoCompare,, MyVoucherCodes and use us for Digital PR Campaigns. We deliver much more than authority links via our Digital PR projects and campaigns. You need big links and proven tactics with zero risk and this is how we help brands, big and small. We know exactly what the modern-day online media need in order to make your projects deliver against your goals. We guarantee that we won’t stop until we have carried out exactly what you need and more.

Everything you could need in order to deliver a successful Digital Public Relations campaign is under one roof here at 10Yetis. We have a public relations team ready for outreach projects. Alongside them we also have designers, web developers, content writers, film makers and content creators, all in one place!

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What is Digital PR?

It’s not just about the authority links that we bring to your site, Digital PR is more than that. What we do is a mix of generating sales, increasing rankings, growing newsletter databases and content creation. We also work on evergreen campaigns, search engine optimisation, social media growth, online reputation management, and stakeholder engagement. Everything that you would associate with modern day public relations.

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The benefits of moving to Digital PR

Let’s be clear from the start, Digital Public Relations is not a new thing. We have been running successful Digital PR campaigns since we launched 10Yetis back in 2005. These kinds of online media projects have been around for several years and mainly used as an SEO (search engine optimisation) tactic rather than a dedicated public relations function.

The ultimate benefit of a Digital PR campaign is that it helps you increase sales, either directly through relevant media coverage, or by sales-driving keyword rankings. This is all thanks to the links that these kinds of campaigns deliver. Sales are important, we get this, but you will also love the wider benefits such as growing newsletter databases, social media numbers, engagement levels and much more.


Online Food Gifting Business

Year: 2020

Media Placement: Live, follow link on Good Housekeeping

Immediate sales within 7 days: £76,000

Prime keyword shift around product: from 4th to 2nd in Google

Long Term Sales from Article (6th months) £230k

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10 Yetis Digital is proud to say that we have won a respected industry award from The Drum magazine for our digital public relations campaign for Hillarys. Read more about the award win.

In short, we won the best long service/retained award for our digital campaigns for the famous blinds brand. All the media projects that we did for Hillarys were based around creating noise in high domain authority news sites that then linked back to their site.

From creating widgets and content that secured links deeper into the site, through to strategic reactive newsjacking commentary on news websites that we knew would typically give a follow-link back to Hillarys, we used our 18 years of experience to really help the brand.

The Drum award comes on top of our recent Digital PR Award wins such as the Content Marketing Awards - best use of content within media relations (silver) for Alertr in 2022 and the Content Marketing Awards 2021 best use of digital PR for Alertr (win) and 2021 best use of digital PR for Hillarys (bronze) and countless other digital awards.

Our digital PR campaigns worked really well

The company moved higher up search engines such as Google for all its keywords despite it being a very competitive landscape.

“Since working with 10 Yetis, we have gained hundreds of links from the press, some of which include the BBC, Sun, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Mail Online and many other well-known online news publications. The team are fully immersed in our creation process, right through from idea generation, design concepts and outreach which is where they really show their expertise. Their contacts and relationships with the press are invaluable and the results are evidence. The best thing about working with 10 Yetis is the transparency and honesty!”

Sandeep Matharu, SEO Manager, Hillarys Blinds

How do you build a Digital PR Campaign?

digital pr campaign

Whilst there is lots written about this subject, for us it is all about the idea, the execution and the sell-in. Coming up with great creative campaign ideas is something we have been doing for clients since 2005. From driving tanks round parliament to paintball bullet testers, online widgets and interactive infographics, we know every tactic that makes a story become a success.

Step One: Understand what you are trying to achieve
Step Two: Develop a range of ideas and tactics for you to approve
Step Three: Deploy the ideas and speak to the media
Step Four: Chase up for links (sometimes called “link reclamation”)
Step Five: Analyse the links, Follow, NoFollow, Syndicated etc

Sounds simple right? Of course, we need to sprinkle a bit of Yeti magic on top and this is where our years of building journalist relationships and contacts come in. The relationships help secure coverage, but we also rely on these to sense check ideas and campaign angles before we actually unleash them upon the world.

How our campaigns are structured

Once we understand your goals, (the most common digital campaign goals are links, sales, online reputation management and growing newsletter databases) we begin to plan out how we can achieve them. We agree the timescales of the project and get to grips with what technology or creative elements will fit best with your website (so the media has something to link back to).

We identify campaign ideas that will develop into evergreen pieces of content and will also give us multiple opportunities to go back to the media with a different variation of the story. For example, if we are deploying a web widget or calculator, we will try to design it in a way that will keep giving us results that we can share with the press across many regions or industry sectors, so we get the most out of every piece of Digital PR content that we create.

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Typical Digital PR Strategies

digital pr stategies

There is no such thing as a “typical” Digital Public Relations campaign here at 10Yetis. Every campaign is bespeaking to the goals that are set. There are typical tactics that can be used in order to hit those targets and these can include (but are never limited to):

Data Driven Campaigns

The word data sounds boring, the way that we present it, makes sure that it isn’t. Every business is sat on a goldmine of data and we can use this in ways that generate the kind of link building campaigns that hit your goals.

Interactive Infographics

Our content team have years of experience of showcasing complex data in a fun and engaging way. The industry has seen a gradual move away from flat infographics and more emphasis is now being put into interactive content where the user enjoys a richer content experience and is therefore more likely to share, although flat infographics can still work of course.

Widgets and Online Tools

Some of the most successful campaigns in our history have come from our online widgets. From sleep calculators through to exercise and fitness, well-being, money saving, property and automotive tools, we have built every type of online widget you could think of.

Concept Images

From Royal babies through to the latest technological gadgets, we have created images and in some cases prototypes to hang a media story around. These are always great fun.

Here is a video featuring our Managing Director, Shannon Peerless and Head of Public Relations, Samantha Walker talking through how to get the most from your Digital Public Relations campaigns and even giving 5 secret tips.

Why choose 10 Yetis Digital PR?

We guarantee that we won’t stop until we hit your goals. We have over 15 years’ experience delivering campaigns of this nature for every size brand, from SME’s and individuals through to global organisations.

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Digital PR Checklist

  • Have clear goals
  • Understand the tools and technology available for campaigns
  • Have spokespeople ready and able to respond quickly to media demands
  • Have ideas that catch the eye
  • Have brilliant media relationships
  • Be able to plug into measurement and reporting tools that the business understands such as Google Analytics and alike

The Team

Shannon Peerless - Managing Director  at 10 Yetis Digital

Shannon Peerless – MD, 10 Yetis

Shannon joined 10 Yetis in 2008, right at the time the agency was already becoming known for its expertise in all things digital PR. Well ahead of the curve in terms of link-building and digital-first campaigns, Shannon has played an instrumental role in every major PR account we have won and worked on during her almost 15-years with the agency.

After working her way up over the years from PR account executive, all the way to Head of PR – and to her latest role as Managing Director – her knowledge of digital PR has grown and grown. She uses her expertise to guide the PR team in generating phenomenal digital PR results for clients.

With a string of achievements under her belt, including PR Week’s 30 under 30, The Drum’s Top 50 Digital Women Under 30, B2B Marketing's Top 10 30 under 30 list and an Outstanding Young Communicator finalist, Shannon has worked on award-winning digital PR campaigns and devised strategies for a number of high-profile clients, including carwow,, MyVoucherCodes, WaterAid, Superdry, Just Eat, MyProtein, Optical Express, TotalJobs and more.

Sam Walker - Head of PR at 10 Yetis Digital

Sam Walker - Head of PR, 10 Yetis

Since joining the agency in 2013, Sam has worked her way up through the PR team, from PR Account Executive through to Head of PR, where she is involved in the day-to-day management of all PR campaigns.

There isn’t an industry Sam hasn’t worked in over the past 10 years, from personal finance, lifestyle and sex & relationships, through to motoring, food & drink and home & interiors. She has a great rapport with journalists in every sector and consistently delivers high-quality coverage and high-quality backlinks.

With a desire to be on top of all the latest digital marketing trends, Sam is often undertaking courses to expand her knowledge across digital PR, social media, SEO and email marketing, and works closely with the agency’s CEO, Andy Barr, to expand her knowledge and expertise in the field of Crisis Communications.

Andy Barr - Head Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital

Andy Barr – CEO, 10 Yetis

Andy has worked in the Digital Public Relations industry since before it began and when it was just called PR or Online PR. He is widely credited as being at the forefront of the growth of the digital PR sector. He co-founded the agency in 2005 and was the first PR agency owner ti fully understand the benefits of gaining follow links to a client website to improve their Search Engine Optimisation and web rankings.

Andy speaks around the world at digital PR, marketing and ecommerce conferences about the topic of Digital PR. He has travelled to China, American, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and countless other countries to speak and evangelise about the benefits of, and what makes, a great digital public relations campaign.

Case Study 1

hillarys case study logo

Hillarys Blinds

We’ve worked with Hillarys blinds since the start of 2016. Our task has always been to generate widespread coverage in consumer press (general news, homes and lifestyle), as well as lots of follow, high DA links for SEO benefit. Sister brands Thomas Sanderson, Duette, Victoria Blinds and Web-Blinds have also sat with us.

Approach: using a mix of survey and data-driven press releases, as well as features, reactive statements and, best of all, link-worthy content such as widgets or infographics hosted on the client’s site, we have achieved incredible results.

Results: Thousands of pieces of media coverage, regularly hitting in excess of 100+ pieces per month, hundreds and hundreds of high DA follow links, regularly feature in national and regional media titles.

hillarys coverage cuttings

Case Study 2

decision tech logo
broadband choices logo comare my mobile logo sell my mobile logo

Decision Tech: Broadband Choices, CompareMyMobile, SellMyMobile

We worked with Decision Technologies across a range of their brands, including BroadbandChoices,, and mobilephonechecker. Although a UK brand, they wanted us to build links (for SEO) and coverage internationally, highlighting the US as a target too.

Approach: We ran research-based stories, advice-led features and, most successfully, a concept image-driven story based on how the human hand would look if it evolved to be optimised for smartphone usage. The image was designed to spike people’s curiosity and it worked well! We acted as Decision Technologies’ built-in press office.

Results: Hundreds of pieces of coverage and links for the brands! Phone hand of the future received 42 pieces, mostly in the USA, with 87% having follow links (for SEO benefit) and an average domain authority of 83/100.

We also received 322 pieces of coverage for three reactive statements (newsjacking). Regular coverage in the likes of Tech Radar, T3, This is Money, The Times, Pocket-Lint, Trusted Reviews, Yahoo! and more nationals. We provided a range of data and stats to the popular television programme, The Gadget Show, that led to a 2-minute promo and achieved 156 pieces of coverage for one reactive press office statement.

hillarys blinds logo testimonial

“Since working with 10 Yetis, we have gained hundreds of links from the press, including the BBC, Sun, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Mail Online. The best thing about working with 10 Yetis is the transparency and honesty!”

Sandeep Matharu
SEO Manager, Hillarys Blinds

Catena Media logo testimonial

“We came to 10 Yetis as we needed help with our SEO and link building. Before we started working with the 10 Yetis team, we were appearing on page 5 of results, after just a year, we are now at position 4 on page 1.”

Alex Philpott
Catena Media, a gaming company

Bill Plant Driving School logo testimonial

“10 Yetis have excelled at generating vast amounts of positive coverage for the business. From BBC interviews with our driving instructors to the thousands of company mentions. They have been an essential part in pushing our profile to new heights.”

Theo Tucker
Operations Director, Bill Plant Driving School

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