Conference and Event Video Production

We have filmed some of the most famous business and political people in the world, at some of the most high profile conferences around. Our team is well versed at getting great results without being too intrusive at the event.

Our Expertise

Capturing events

If you’ve been planning a major event or conference and you need it documented, either for memory’s sake or to show to employees then we can help with our experienced video team. It can often be important to capture conferences for those who can’t attend. Important information can be conveyed succinctly via a video version of the conference. An edited down version of the conference encapsulating the main moments makes it easier to take in all the information being presented. Events can be made into a packaged video showcasing all the important moments, including any talks and the general atmosphere of the event. It’s important to remember that 58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be a more trustworthy body and that employees are 96% more likely to click through on an email that contains a video. (econsultancy)

Editing your event

Filming your conference can be useful for new employees, those who can’t make the event or any future employees who may need to know the information. Sometimes extra information may be missed in other forms of recording conferences, such as note taking and slides from the event, but video will capture everything. Just mention the most important moments you want in the edit and we’ll sort the rest for you. If there are any changes, that’s no worry and is included in the initial quote.

If you were to need a video of an event you are holding, either to sell an events service or for other reasons, such as for future clients or employees to see then we can help you show off the event to its best, using cinematic shots and capturing the true feeling of the event. Capturing important speeches, attendees mingling as well as the quirks of the décor and location are an important focus in these sorts of videos.

Non-intrusive event filming

Our team will use a multiple camera set up to ensure that we don’t impose on the event whilst making sure we get the best angles. Usually for a conference we will have 2 to 3 cameras. One or two capturing angles of the speaker from tripods, and a free roaming camera capturing reactions, cutaways and some closer up shots of the on stage action. At events it is usually best practice to have several roaming cameras to capture all the action. If the main focus is a speech or talk we can easily swap from moving to static, to get every detail in the finished piece.

Our equipment

We use high quality camera equipment to give you cinematic HD quality finished pieces. We use separate sound recorders to ensure that audio is crisp and clear. An edit time will depend on the finished length of the video and the amount of footage captured, but there will be a round of changes to the edit available to you.

Flexible working

We can add in company logos and information alongside other footage, there is also the option of animation which can add another dimension to the video by visually representing things that you may not have to hand, or things that cannot be verbally conveyed. When we’ve agreed on a finished edit we can provide files and the finished piece through a secure online file transfer service or on a hard drive, whichever is more convenient for you.

Our quotes are tailored to your requirements. If the video is only 30 seconds but requires lengthy editing work then the cost will be different than if we were to just film an interview and a complete a quick edit. We work on day rates and we are able to tailor our quotes to your requirements and we will work closely with you to try and get on budget.

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If you think you’d like to work with us on your perfect event or conference video, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for a quote and to discuss your project. We’re confident we can create the perfect high quality video for you and your company and at a competitive rate.

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