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We have vast experience managing influencer engagement campaigns, working with some of the most high profile bloggers and social media influencers across all sectors.

"10 Yetis Digital are a big reason our tribe got off the ground and continues to grow. In the global media flurry they created, I haven't come across a harder working, friendlier and consistent results generating bunch of publicity yetis yet."

Ben Keene, MD - Tribewanted
Vast experience

Vast experience working with influencers

Blogger outreach, influencer engagement, stakeholder management. Call it what you will, we have been creating and executing these kinds of campaigns for over 10 years. Influencer engagement has become a grey area in the word of marketing in recent years, thanks to those cheeky folk in the Search Engine Optimisation world trying to hammer them for links to their clients, but no such shenanigans goes on with our campaigns.

relationship building

Natural relationship building

We never take a blanket approach to our influencer outreach. We have access to an opt-in database of over 10,000 bloggers. These are all individuals who not only run blogs, but have also said it is ok for us to contact them on behalf of brands and individuals who want to work with the blogosphere. We let them know about the campaigns that we are working on, and our knowledge of the various sectors means that we can put together targeted lists of influencers that we know would be interested in hearing about the kinds of campaigns that excite them.

Online reputation management

Online reputation management

One of our first Blogger Engagement campaigns was for a transport company that was trying to repair its reputation after a few operational issues and we were called in to help find supporters of the brand from the affected communities. We helped to build a Brand Ambassador program that would help the company understand the issues in the various communities in which it operated and this was so successful that it was rolled out nationally.

As you can see from the above examples, be it influencer outreach for crisis communications support, organising blogger based events or simply product reviews and alike, we specialise in creating bespoke campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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