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Alongside start-ups, we have a wide range of experience working with existing brands of all sizes, updating design assets to stand out against competitors. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is the best thing when it comes to design.

Our Expertise


The first thing people see when they look at your business is your logo so you need something that reflects what your brand is and does, all in one image. Sounds tricky, but our designers will work alongside you to create the perfect visual representation of your brand that sums everything up in a beautiful visual.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we can sit down with you to work out a design based on your business' ethos and tone of voice. From the initial ideas, we can make tweaks until the logo is exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll communicate with you throughout the whole process to make sure we stay on track.

Whether it’s based on a mood board or a series of ideas in your head, we will work through a system of feedback and updates to produce a visually stunning logo that represents your business in an instantly recognisable format. Ready for a new or updated logo? Get in touch now.

Brand Guidelines

In order to keep your branding consistent across all platforms, we can put together a branding guidelines package that can be distributed to anyone you choose. We have produced brand guidelines for a wide range of clients in different industries and they vary depending on how specific you need to be.

From a one-page overview, to an in-depth document about the particulars of the brand we cover everything including variations of the logo and when to use them, when to use the various fonts, how much space to leave between elements, and more. These brand guidelines make sure all future content is consistent and fits your business, look and tone of voice.

If you’re looking to help new starters get an idea of what your business is all about, or for a clear guide that ensures everyone is on the same page, brand guidelines are a clear and efficient way to show people who you are and what you’re about. A resource that offers a coherent brand identity means everyone is speaking the same language…literally. Need help keeping everything uniform? Connect with us today.

Start Ups

You don’t need to be an existing business to work with us on your branding. A number of our clients are new businesses or start-ups and we have helped them launch their businesses with no existing content or brand guidelines. Our designs are always clean, modern and portray the business' values and visual feel.

This means that we have worked on creating logos, brand guidelines, online and print work from scratch and we’ve become a little bit good at it, if we do say so ourselves!

Are you after a logo and a basic package of branding designs to launch your one-person or small business? Or are you looking to get everything designed and branded up front? We can offer different service options based on your requirements. New to the scene and ready to get going? We are here to help.

Updates and Rebrands

We work with a number of businesses that want to overhaul their logo and design; especially businesses that have been established for a number of years and are looking to modernise their branding for a more current, fresh look.

Whether you just want to tweak your logo and brand guidelines, or if you’re looking to refresh your entire branding, our designers will work closely with you to bring your business up-to-date without losing its identity and recognition.

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Stand Out

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients to stand out from the crowd. If you’ve got a radical idea for your branding, we want to hear it, and with our PR and social expertise, we’ll be able to help you create or update a branding strategy that reflects your personality.

Our designers have a wealth of expertise in coming up with creative and unique designs for logos and overall branding. We’ll work with you on your initial idea to identify a direction for the brand and then refine this as required until we have found the perfect look and feel for your business.

Ready to rise above the rest? Let us know and we can help.

First Impressions

At 10 Yetis Digital we understand the importance of a first impression, so we know that your logo has to sum you up in one graphic while making people want to find out more. We are big on creating engaging and focused content to get the message across quickly and effectively.

Our designers are experienced at creating logos that let potential customers know exactly what you’re about, down to the finest details. We will work to find the perfect colour palette and flawless fonts to give a clear idea of who you are.

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