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There is a good chance that you have landed on this page because something bad has happened to your website and you need to fix this fast. Fear not, we can help, and also, we have a tonne of experience of doing this for every size brand. First things first we need to know what the issues are.

Most negative search engine optimization attacks come in the form of someone or something having pointed a number of toxic links at your website. Has this happened to you? It may be that you have been working with a technical search engine optimization agency to identify the issue and now it is a case of building up your backlink profile from scratch? This is definitely where we can help.

It might be that you don’t even know if you have been subject to a negative SEO attack, it is just that you have seen a drop in sales and/or a drop in search engine rankings (this is where your key words and phrases that deliver people to your site have slipped from prominent positions in Google, down to far lower places). Again, we can help with all aspects of this scenario. We have access to the most cutting edge pieces of software that help identify the issues that you face and from here we can put a plan in place to try and fix the issue.

In some cases it may be that there is something bad about your brand, or a senior employee or director, floating around in the Google rankings that is putting people off from buying your products or using your services. Once again, we can help address this and put in place a series of public relations activities that have been proven, time and time again to work.

Negative SEO Case Study One – Recovering from toxic links being pointed at a website

The situation

A client came to us at a time when they would normally have expected an upswing in new business enquiries after their historically “quiet” season. The upswing had not arrived and they did not know why. They had noticed via Google Analytics that their traffic was massively down, year on year. They estimated that this had cost them nearly half a million pounds at the time of coming to us.

The Plan

We needed to quickly assess the situation and see what had happened. We identified that over 150 “toxic” links had been pointed towards their website on one set day. The people or organisation that did this, did this in a really complex manner in order to try and disguise what they had done.

Once we had spotted the issue we set in place a plan that used technical search engine optimization skills, combined with complex data mining and an online public relations campaigns in order to start getting the company to rank for their key words and phrases once again.

The results

Within four months of starting the campaign we were able to get 25% of their rankings back to their original places. Within eight months, 75% of their rankings were back. In a brilliant turn of events, within one year, not only had 100% of the rankings come back, but the on page changes that we had suggested actually delivered new keyword results that took the company turnover to a new high.

Negative SEO Case Study Two – negative brand mention at the top of Google

The situation

A national, high street, company came to 10 Yetis because a negative story, on a high domain authority news website, about their brand, was appearing at the top of search engines when consumers were searching for their services. It was estimated to be costing the brand over £5m PER DAY in lost revenue.

The plan

We quickly put in place a plan to gradually move the negative story down the search engine results. This used a combination of online public relations and also technical search engine optimization knowledge. We also had to make sure that the brand’s other online mentions and presence was fully optimised in order to perform to their maximum potential in search engines.

The results

Within three months of 10 Yetis starting this campaign the offending article had dropped down from page one, position two in search engines, to page one, position eight. Sales immediately recovered but not to where they had been before the situation started. Within six months, the negative article had moved to the middle of page two and the sales had fully recovered. Within a further six months the story was on page five and received very little attention.

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